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The 15 Minute Rule to Completing Any Task

The 15 Minute Rule to Completing Any Task

By on Sep 11, 2012 in Productivity | 0 comments

This a quick rule that hopefully you can implement today to complete any task! Not tomorrow, not this weekend, not next week. Today!

And here’s the reason why I am so adamant about this 15 minute rule…And that’s because I’ve seen too many examples of people being overwhelmed with their task list.

And I was one of those examples.  Let me ask you this?

Have you ever performed a task that took you all day to complete? 

Or worse yet, have you ever had a task that took you all day to complete…but still never finished it?


And now a whole of day is lost because we just had to try and figure it out.  Sometimes this will last for entire weekend of trying to figure it out.

Let me say this right now…YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO FIGURE IT OUT!

You have to get to marketing your internet business…that’s your main goal.

So if you agree, let me show you this simple rule I use now to end all of that frustration and keep you going full speed ahead.

The 15 minute rule suggests that you perform your task on a 15 min trial basis.  What this means is:

  • You start your task and give it your best effort for about 15 minutes.
  • Evaluate your progress at that 15 min mark.
  • If your evaluation states that you can finish the job, on your own, in an hour’s time then you continue to completion.
  • However, if your evaluation states that you are not even close to getting the job done in an hour, then you stop.  And you get help from someone else to finish the task.

Now the type of tasks this rule is most suited for is specialized services that you normally don’t do.  For instance, I’m terrible with web design, graphics and basically anything extra techie.

Now there are some techie things I attempt and can do a lot better than most.  But there are other tasks that I try to attempt cuz I think I got it…but I don’t got it.

Sound familiar?

Even if it’s a much larger task that may take a couple of hours. You should have a clue even it’s a bit past the 15 minute limit, if you can indeed complete it.

I can’t tell you how much more productive your internet business will be if you take on this rule.

And I realize the reason some of us try to do it ourselves is to save on cost.  Or maybe it’s just the feeling that we can do it by ourselves that drives us through such frustration.

But enough of that already.  You have to run your online business just like any other business offline.  You can’t wear every hat in the company. That’s not how real business works.  Use this strategy and make your business work for real.

Go to Fiverr or the Warrior Forum and get these tasks done for cheap. So you can keep it moving!

Go ahead and try this rule or a variation of your own and implement this today.  I guarantee you won’t regret it.  Keep your company moving on all cylinders by getting your tasks done on time, every time…even if that means getting help.

Comment if you intend to use this rule or share it with others that need it.

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