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Six Cost Effective GotoWebinar Alternatives

Six Cost Effective GotoWebinar Alternatives

By on Dec 10, 2012 in Internet Marketing Resources | 0 comments

Goto Webinar is the Gold Standard of webinar software online

As you may or may not know, webinars are becoming very commonplace in the internet marketing arena.  With webinars you have the chance to create a special event experience, sell products or record the event as a training product in and of itself.

And the number one service for many marketers has been GotoWebinar.  And for the measly sum (well measly for some) of only $97/mth, it was a quite reasonable service.

But just recently, GotoWebinar has been prompted to raise their prices to fit the demands of the corporate world.  Anything over a hundred attendees bumps you up to $399 an up. Yes, they’ve gotten quite popular so the individual marketer is getting the short end of the stick.

*Quick Tip: Share an Account with one or two partners and schedule your webinars on different days in the week.

But that’s ok because there must be some cost effective alternatives for the small biz owner right? Well that’s what we will show in this post.

We have Six GotoWebinar Alternatives with these simple criteria:

  1. It has to be cheaper than GotoWebinar.
  2. It has to be able to Record.
  3. It must be somewhat simple to Manage.

We realize that GotoWebinar is still the Gold Standard but these options should also fit the bill as well, so let’s get to it!

stealth seminar is a feature rich webinar tool that is endorsed by Frank Kern

This first service is endorsed by the all too popular Frank Kern. And this is a very feature rich program they have put together.  It integrates with several of the of the top email autoresponder services.  And it is mobile ready with apps for the iPod, iPhone and iPad.  Definitely one to look into with this service.

It is a bit self conscious about potential members joining up but I’m not going to knock them for that I suppose.  To be a client of theirs, you have to go through a orientation type of webinar then…you are able to jump in from there.

But this one is very cool and very highly regarded as previously mentioned.

click webinar is a cheap alternative to Goto meeting

This is another alternative that has some pretty nice templates to rebrand your meeting rooms.  The only thing about this one is that it can get as expensive as Goto Meeting if you plan to go to that 1000 attendee limit.

Otherwise, if you go small, this webinar tool has all you need for presenting as much as the rest in the field.  Recording, browser sharing, moderated and private chat and very stylish to boot.  And with a free 30 day trial to boot it maybe something look at for your next or first presentation online.

any meeting software is a cost effective webinar tool

This software is for people who are just beginning as they only can accommodate 200 attendees at the most.  So this could be for a mastermind setting.  For example, if you have a Skype room that only has 300 members allowed for their rooms, you can use this service for an exclusive mastermind session.

You do get a plethora of features including recording, polling, surveys, screen sharing and text chat.  And that’s just the few I picked out.  I also like the look and feel of this format as well.  Not to say that GotoMeeting doesn’t have a good look.  But this AnyMeeting has very intimate, more of a community feel to it which is something you might want in your webinars.

fuze box webinar tool you can access from severaly mobile apps

This software has been out for awhile and it has focused on being as mobile as it can possibly be.  You can use their software on every platform possible.  Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.  So they have you covered everywhere.  And that means you probably have no excuse to miss a meeting. haha.

This one will only offer you 100 attendees with a 14 day trial.  And it isn’t as feature rich as the others as their focus is on their mobile interaction to be better than the rest.  You do get to share your screen and markup just about anything that’s displayed which is very cool.

*This software may not have the recording feature as it turns out.*

instant presenter webinar software comes full of features

This is webinar software offered by Instant Presenter is full of features for you to use…screen sharing, whiteboard markup tools, recording, branded backgrounds and powerpoint slide sharing to name a few.

Pricing is reasonable until you get to the upper echelon of attendee limits.  They have the capacity to go to the 1000 person limit.  Not sure exactly how your presentation will look with this software but you can’t go too wrong with all the features it provides.


This last alternative is not like GotoWebinar in the scope of having hundreds of people on it.  But it can be a source for one to one interaction of a small team of members.  You can use this to share your screen for a Mastermind group or one-on-one coaching.

So although it’s not for big audiences yet.  It’s still a tool to get paid members into a Mastermind group. And also a way to bring a staff together for online meetings.

And also has a very functional iPad app that works quite error free as well.  So you can handle your meetings on the go.  And actually this tool is great to use on its free version.

And there you have it.  Six alternatives to the juggernaut we call GotoWebinar.  All well worth looking into today.  So check em’ out and let me know what you think.


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