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6 Impact Books that will Help You Get Things Done

6 Impact Books that will Help You Get Things Done

By on Dec 13, 2012 in Inspiration | 2 comments

The main reason why people are not successful usually falls within themselves…

Not from:

  • Getting the wrong instruction
  • Coming from a bad environment
  • The fact they don’t have any money
  • Not having enough time
  • And so on…and so on.

The fact is people don’t get the results they want because they simply haven’t figured out how to GET THINGS DONE!

So here are six books I encourage you to read or pass on to others to help them achieve the things they desire most.  And if you feel like there should be others added to this list, would you mind sending me comments.  I will definitely add them to this list and my personal library as well.

1. Getting Things Done

getting things done bookThis is probably the first book you’ll see on any Google search for “Getting Things Done.” So it goes without saying, that this would be the first book on the list.  By no means does this mean that it’s the best for you but truly a great place for to start for achieving your goals. There are key ways to manage your life stress free and this book aims to get you to that point. This system by David Allen may be all you need as you can go beyond this book with his other courses. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

2. Do The Work

do the work book helps you get things done

This short book is really one of my favorites.  It has a very direct charge to simply DO THE WORK.  It goes through extensively what is holding you back and helps you decisively fight it off.  So you can get off your butt and do what you know you want to do but for some reason can’t.  This book will help you believe that YOU CAN DO IT…actually start and finish what you’re trying to accomplish. Do the Work


3. Get Er Done

get er done is a great book to help you get things done in business and personal life

This book takes you through the disciplines of a Green Beret.  And don’t knock the title…this book actually translates very well what is  learned in the military to every day life or business.  I was surprised just how thorough this book was to read.  Every chapter has something that was useful and easy to implement.  Michael Martel gives you a mission with each chapter if you choose to accept it.  This is another great book to not only put in your library but apply as well. Get Er Done: The Green Beret Guide to Productivity


4. The War of Art

the war of art helps you start so you can end your procrastination

This one is by the same author (Steven Pressfield) as Do the Work.  It’s another book to help you defeat what’s holding you captive.  It’s written for authors but really anyone can get value from the War of Art.  It hits home because it’s written from one who really struggles with procrastination but manages to overcome it.  And it shines through in his writing.  Definitely one to pick up for sure. The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles


5. Poke The Box

poke the box by seth godin encourages you to initiate things regardless of what field you're in

Seth Godin seems to always get on somebody’s best book list and today is no exception.  This quick read is an absolutely gem.  It causes people to see that they have what it takes to initiate more out of themselves and the people around them.   He flat out nails it for those who have been waiting for opportunities to come their way.  And tells them, “You Start It, Poke the Box!” Poke the Box

6. Getting to NO

gonoThis book goes in the direction that tells you to anticipate the rejection.  Having people say NO to you is part of life so why not expect it.  The key to this book is getting you to overcome your fear of being rejected.  Most people don’t start or complete their goals being afraid of what people may say so they find comfort in doing the norm.  “Go for No” helps you to embrace the NO knowing that it’s the only way you’ll get to a Yes.

Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There


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  • Michael Martel

    H Bryan,
    Thanks for the review of “Get Er Done.”  This is some great company to be in.

    • Bryan S Arnold

      Hi Michael, it’s truly an honor to have you visit. Your book was surprisingly one of the best books I’ve read all year. And it’s making quite a difference in way I do things now, so thank you.

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