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Google makes a Play for Entrepreneurs

Google makes a Play for Entrepreneurs

By on Sep 25, 2012 in IM Insider | 0 comments

Google, every once in awhile doesn’t something different to their usual home page.  Today they have this under the search field…

Well…when you click the link, you will get to a place with several videos and information on how you can be involved in the next Google event. There are several local events to attend. Unfortunately, as I write this, I am kinda upset that I missed the event that just happened yesterday.

I missed the Android founder, Rich Miner here in Boston.  Not cool man!  Oh well, I know there will be others to attend.  But maybe you can luck out and be right on time for a place in your area

So Check out the schedule and look for an event near you.  I’m sure you’ll find something of interest for your business by attending.

But also…look how Google for Entrepreneurs is presented.  It presents the experience of being a part of what they’re doing.

  • It’s displayed brilliantly.
  • They speak of making a difference around the world.
  • They encourage you to be a participant to live events locally and abroad
  • They introduce or re-introduce their services and resources available to prospective businesses and developers
  • They show how they are making a real difference for small businesses and it encourages you to join in.

This is how it’s done.  Very elegant and easy to navigate to what you may be interested in…good stuff. Check it out and take a snapshot for what you can present in your online business.

So check out what Google has to offer and maybe I’ll see you at the next Google event…

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