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A Small Business Lesson from the Home Toilet

A Small Business Lesson from the Home Toilet

By on Sep 27, 2012 in Business Tips | 0 comments

Now first of all…I don’t mean to gross you out on the title.  But once we jump in here, you’ll see hopefully where I’m coming from as we look at a small business lesson from the home toilet.

Now if you can’t get through this article I totally understand. Look away till the next article.  But if you can stomach it, please continue.

So a funny thing happened to me while I was on the can yesterday. There was an epiphany that came to light.  Now I assure you that I’ve had epiphanies in other less bashful locations…but this one was special (don’t laugh).  So I’m sharing now.

You see, earlier in the day, I was on a trip that was quite an adventure on my stomach.  The driver surprised me with a series of fast accelerations followed by hard unforgiving braking.

After about fifteen minutes I was begging for a bathroom…at least in my mind.  I didn’t say anything because I was too embarrassed to say that I was indeed deathly carsick. 

So two hours later…I’m just done.  As we arrived at my destination, I quickly but discreetly eased my way into the nearest restroom.  I tried to go as fast as possible but as you know…this was what???

NOT MY HOME TOILET!! There were people going in and out.  The seat was too low.  And of course…I’m worried about the wonderful fragrance emitting from my short encasement.  It was just not comfortable.

I performed a rush job that I knew was not over. But I did what I could knowing full well there was more to come (out) at a later time. Ugh…sorry for that last sentence.

So I’ll stop there and answer what your you’re problem already thinking…

What does this have to do with Small Business?

What lesson can emanate from this story?

Well here it is…

As I sat there later that evening,  so satisfied that I was finally home on my own toilet.  Doing the job right cuz I was in a comfortable setting.  All the surroundings were perfect.  And definitely this time, I was satisfied after the final flush.

And what happens with so many businesses is that they find themselves in uncomfortable settings.  This is especially for those just starting out.  You find something you’re good at but get the idea that you should delve into something else.

In other words, there still appears to be a need to do something different than what we’re great at…So when we venture out, we end up with the same results that as mine previously described.  We won’t go there again.

But what happens is that we find our performance to be less than satisfying to say the least. 

That’s why we should still be doing things we are great at doing.  Why is that so lost even now today?

I’ve been wrapped into this same thinking for awhile now myself.  That your passions may not make you money.  HOGWASH! There is no reason to abandon our passions, our best skill sets, simply what we do best.

You get the point.  And even if you think that what you’re good at doesn’t work in every case.  I say think again.

You can still make an impact being what you are and what you’re comfortable with…

Don’t get sidetracked by what the next big thing is and abandon who you are.  It’s never going to be the same.

What you should do instead is when the next big thing comes, take the time to see if you can incorporate it into what you’re doing.  If not, leave it alone.

But we have to stay away from products or social sites or new found strategies that claim that we need this right now!  Because this simply may not be the case.

Stick with what you know first and then everything will be come into place in time.

So that’s my small business lesson from my home toilet.  Hopefully you think about this lesson on your trip to the…ugh…can. Cheers!


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