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6 Essential Elements from an Apple Presentation You Should Copy

6 Essential Elements from an Apple Presentation You Should Copy

By on Sep 19, 2012 in Business Models | 0 comments

I’m just sitting down here listening to the latest Apple Presentation that occurred on Sept. 19th. And as I’m viewing it, I see why they are so successful.

I mean…seriously?

Why am I taking almost two hours out of my day to watch this? 

What is drawing me to this presentation?

Well…their history of events have become legendary and let’s face it…Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world to date.

And everyone around the world, anticipates what they will come up with next.  So looking at this Apple presentation, I’ve come up with 6 elements you should copy for your business. Here we go…

1. Visual Experience

It can be said that Apple has revolutionized the product launch presentation as we know it today.  Every other company with presentations today has taken a bite out of what Apple does in their events.

You have the huge, beautiful pictures of their products displayed that are visually stunning.  And their videos are strategically created to engage the viewer into the experience of using their products.

So when you look at an Apple presentation, you go out believing that you want to feel the way those folks feel in their videos.  This is brilliant stuff.

2. What they’ve done

Apple starts their presentations touting their horns.  Yes, they explicitly let you know what they’ve accomplished throughout the past year or years.  So you know exactly how well they are doing in each market.

And why is this important?  Well it’s a proof mechanism.  It builds confidence in potential customers showing that they know what they’re doing.  They have experience and they have been successful in creating great products so it’s a good thing to do what?

To either invest in them for the first time or invest in them again.  They are the best at this and I’ll explain why further down in this article.

3. Anticipation

Now…no other company does this better in the world.  They make you WAIT FOR IT! 

So after an entire year of waiting for the next big thing…they even make you sit through all the “What They’ve Done” stuff before you get to the good part.

Initially, you hear all of these rumors and leaks so you can’t wait to finally see the product…but noooo! You have to wait till they take you through all the other stuff first…which is really genius.

So you’re just salivating to finally see the product being revealed.

So try this out on your own presentations…I think you’ll see that most companies now, are doing the exact same thing.

4. Innovation

This is pretty obvious because they are now the Kings of “The Next Best Thing”.  Every time they put out a product, you get something that you’ve never seen before.

I’ve yet to see a presentation that hasn’t offered something completely new.  They do it every time.  And while this is hard to do, if you can make this your focus, you’ll gain an audience with the same loyalty that Apple enjoys.

People don’t want the same ol’ thing. They want to know what you’ve done for them lately.  And if you’re pushing the same ol’ thing, it’s just not gonna cut it.

5. Convincing

Let’s be honest…when you see Apple’s Events, you are convinced that it would really be cool to have that product or products right?  If  everyone was honest with themselves, there’s a little voice that speaks to you that says, “Hey…that’s pretty cool, maybe you should buy that”

They hook you in…they explain in great detail:

  • why you need their products. 
  • all of the exciting new features.
  • why this latest creation is bigger, stronger, faster.
  • what it took to manufacture this product. 
  • You see how much they put into each product.

So you tend to ask yourself, do other companies go through this much hassle to make their products?  Do they care as much?

They grab you in this respect and they are very convincing.  And most often than not, they back it up with their products. And this is an element you should reinforce in your products and services as well.

You sell people on your products when they see how much trouble you put into making it. Follow this element if nothing else.

6. This is the best…

Apple will let you know as part of their sales strategy that what’s coming is the best:

  • Product They’ve Made-You will hear on every presentation that this is the best iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc they’ve ever made.  And every year the echo the same sentiment.  So that makes you think that you don’t have the best right now.

    So if you want the best, you need to plunk down some more dough to get what is the best according to them.  And really…they are right.  It’s a true statement every time.  So you have to take them at their word that what you’re buying is actually the next best thing.

  • Product(s) on the Market-You will get a big dose of how their products outdo anything else on the market.  Now this may be tricky to do if your product doesn’t quite do that.  But it’s a big lesson on why your product should get to that point.

    And that’s to a place where you can say that you are best in this category, in this field, in this market.  And make sure can straight up back it up!

    And guess what? People tend to gravitate to the best.  People aren’t always satisfied with second best.  So strive to push your products and services to the status of number #1.  The effort will be more than worth it.

And there you have it.  The six elements you should model from the Apple Events.  Hopefully, you can work some of these elements into your business right away.  Get on it and let me know if I’ve missed any elements in the comment section.


Bryan S Arnold is an avid writer with a passion for copywriting, blogging, and helping people market their businesses online. And if you ask nicely, he might just sing a tune for you.

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